'Time for Thomas'

Tom is a thirteen-year-old boy from Billingham who has a muscle-wasting condition, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that over time impacts his muscles and physical abilities and unfortunately is life-limiting. He relies on daily tablets to keep him moving including steroids and heart medication. As his condition sadly progresses adaptations to the family home are desperately needed including building work for a downstairs wet room and bedroom extension, to accommodate a hoisting system for his changing needs. Tom’s mum Tracy must raise over £50k to pay for the building work. Tracy recently reached out on Facebook asking friends and the community to help raise vital funds. As the limitations of Tom’s physical capacity to manage day-to-day living increase, his mental health decreases, as the condition gradually takes away his independence, which is vitally important for any teenager. The building work would make a huge difference in Tom and Tracy’s lives, giving him back some independence, improving his well-being and making life more comfortable.

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Time for Thomas Charity Football Event

Billingham United Football Club’s coaches, parents, players and community volunteers have joined forces to raise vital funds to support Tracy and Tom to reduce the financial burden through what is already, a tremendously difficult time for the family. We recognise what a huge privilege it is to support local families in their time of need and hope to inspire as many people as possible to donate and follow in the footsteps of all the young players who are taking to the pitch for this fun-filled 12-hour football marathon event.
Tom has lots of friends from Billingham United, although his condition has limited him from regularly playing with a team. The fabulous coaches had previously invited Tom to take part in a friendly with his friends 3 years ago, creating lasting memories for him and his family, knowing that this may be the last time he could play football with his friends.
Players across Billingham United’s 17 teams are taking part in a challenging 12-hour football marathon. We hope that with your support we can raise crucial funds that are desperately needed to improve Tom’s life and well-being, whilst inspiring the youth of Billingham to be proud of their efforts in supporting a local family in need. We are keen to hear from local businesses who want to support the event. Please get in touch with the event organiser.